Do You Know What I Think?

 Pauline Cartwright grew up in North Otago. The mother of one of her friends was romance writer Essie Summers who encouraged Pauline’s writing but it was many years later before she became a published author.

When I interviewed her for North & South in 1991 she’d written more than 100 books. She’s written more since then but she’s still not very well known outside education circles because most of her books are school readers, the ones used to teach children.

It’s a shame her books haven’t reached a wider audience because they are delightful.

Do You Know What I Think? was her first book, published in 1986. It starts by saying: Do you know what I think? I think rabbits should have to clean their ears. It continues linking animals to daily ablutions and finishes with a line which brings a grin to the faces of readers of all ages.

 dairy 10013

Post 3 in the post a day for New Zealand Book Month.

Over at In A Strange Land Deborah has accepted the challenge to post a book a day too and today has  Why Cats Rule the World and Dogs are Still Slaves by Dawn McMillan.

Art & My Life also has a post for NZ Book Month: In the Zone  Zone of the Marvellous by Martin Edmund.

book month

One Response to Do You Know What I Think?

  1. artandmylife says:

    Hi and thanks for the mention. Martin Edmond’s book is actually titled “Zone of the Marvellous”


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