Daylight saving poll take 2

We’ve had a week of daylight saving.

In the last seven days I’ve been to Dunedin, Wellington and Wanaka and at home in North Otago.

The highest temperature in that time and those places has been17 degrees, the lowest 1 degree.

We’re in Wanaka where we woke to large white flakes falling from the sky. Mount Iron is covered in white stuff too.

In the normal course of events I’d have thought it was snow, but it can’t be that because n0-one would have been stupid enough to extend daylight saving so the clocks go forward when it’s still cold enough for snow.

In the past week I’ve had lots of conversations on the extended daylight saving period. One woman liked it because she feels she has to get up with the sun and if it gets up an hour later so does she. One man liked it because his children get up with the sun and this week they’ve been getting up an hour later.

Everyone else said it starts too soon and finishes too late. Delaying the start by three or four weeks would mean it’s lighter at both ends of the day, not so cold in the mornings and warm enough to enjoy the lighter evenings.


What do you think?

P.S. This is the poll I deleted by mistake last week. I thought I’d followed Scrubone’s instructions, but it still didn’t appear in the sidebar so I’ll leave it here and do my best not to delete it.

4 Responses to Daylight saving poll take 2

  1. PaulL says:

    No option for “leave it the way it is, it works fine”. 🙂


  2. rayinnz says:

    I did not like the extended version but I do notice that now that I live in town a lot of people going for evening walks, despite the weather


  3. homepaddock says:

    “No option for “leave it the way it is, it works fine.”

    Whoops – didn’t think of that.


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