When you live in a drought-porne  prone region you don’t tempt fate by saying you’ve had too much rain.

But we’ve had enough for now.

It started raining late last week, stayed grey with drizzle over the weekend, poured on Monday and finally cleared up yesterday afternoon.

The temperature dropped with the rain but there haven’t been any reports of heavy lamb losses.

We turned the irrigation off on Thursday and after 60mms of rain should be able to leave it off for a while.

3 Responses to Enough

  1. pdm says:

    You might want to have a look at the first line HP. Is there a difference between drought porne and ordinary porn??? lol.

  2. homepaddock says:

    pdm – drought porne is dirt caused by lack of rain – when it’s especially bad it gets in your eyes when you’re proof reading 🙂

  3. pdm says:

    Nice reply HP.

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