Daylight Saving poll

Whoops – I tried to get the daylight saving poll in the sidebar and deleted it altogether.

There were 101 votes and the results were:

Starts too soon ends too late: 54%

Should last all year: 13%

Shouldn’t happen at all: 16%

Is a conspiracy against early risers: 5%

Other 12%

If anyone can tell me how to get polls into the sidebar, an electronic box of chocolates awaits you.

Deleting the poll deleted comments too – I think there were seven, all of which, I think supported my opposition to daylight saving starting this soon.

3 Responses to Daylight Saving poll

  1. scrubone says:
    There are several options there to edit the poll, view results, delete, preview, send to editor, and get the HTML code.

    You can add a PollDaddy poll to your sidebar with the same process above, but copy and paste the shortcode into a text widget. If you would like to use a previous poll in your sidebar, use the HTML code link on the poll list for a poll that was created previously.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks, Scrubone – that’s what I thought I was doing but it said you had to delete a post if it had the poll. I did that and still got only the title in the sidebar.


  3. scrubone says:

    try using the shortcode text


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