Animal welfare paramount have a very disturbing video of starving calves.

They were on a property owned by Crafar Farms, the country’s biggest dairy farmers.

Owners are not directly responsible for everything which happens on the farm. But they are responsible for ensuring that systems and processes are in place and operating properly.

It appears that in this case they weren’t.

Animal welfare must be the first priority in any livestock operation.

It appears that on this farm it wasn’t.

If owners aren’t able to monitor farms regularly they have to employ other people they can trust to do it.

The bigger the operation the more important it is to do that because no systems are perfect and the best processes are only as good as they people who carry them out.

2 Responses to Animal welfare paramount

  1. Interesting post, Homepaddock. The poor cows.

    Not sure in what forum I can ask this question, but I’ll throw it in here. In reading the papers, I get the impression (not sure if it’s right) that the Crafar’s own most of the dairy farms in the North Island. If this is right, and given that they are trying to sell off their farms, what does that mean for the Fonterra capital share offer? Or does it mean nothing at all? (Or does it mean that Fonterra will need to look overseas for investment?)

    Sorry to ask this question here – I just can’t seem to find any analysis on this when I want it!


  2. homepaddock says:

    OM – no need to appologise for asking questions. I’m not an expert but:

    I’ve seen varying reports on how many farms Crafars own – 15 or 22 – all say they are Fonterra’s biggest single supplier.

    I think they supply about 0.5% of the co-operative’s milk.
    That is a significant amount from one supplier. If/when the farms sell Crafars can redeem their shares. If the the new owners still supply Fonterra they will have to buy the shares which will have no nett effect on the company.

    If the new owners don’t supply Fonterra then that will be a significant drop in milk supply.

    Fonterra is a co-operative so all shares are owned by suppliers. If the new owners don’t supply Fonterra the company will be looking for new suppliers and/or more milk from existing suppliers to makeup the shortfall.


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