Mutter, mumble, yawn, brr  #*&^%**** daylight saving, mutter, mumble, brrr, #!%^&**^ starts too early, mutter mumble, yawn, brrrrr, *^&%$#*** only sping equinox, mutter muble, yawn brrr, $#!%^&**** ,not enough daylight to be worth changing clocks, mutter, mumble, yawn, brrrr &**^%$#!*** too dark in morning, #$!^^^&*****,still too cold, mutter, mumble yawn, brrrrr. . .


p.s. OswaldBastable thinks so too.

One Response to Zzzzzzzzzzz

  1. gravedodger says:

    So now all those thoughtful,considerate and understanding people can get up earlier with the help of the state and those in wealth production who were already starting early can just shutup and shiver while they look for the lantern. Well that was the start of our day on the farm in the middle of last century before daylight saving came to show us how to manage our time.

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