Sue Bradford resigning

Just heard on Nine to Noon that Green MP Sue Bradford has announced she’s resigning from parliament next month.


The next person on the Green list is David Clendon. If he enters parliament the Greens will then have five male and four female MPs.

The NZ Herald says Clendon is:

. . . a sustainable business advisor, who is of Ngapuhi, Te Roroa and Pakeha heritage.

Kathryn Ryan interviewed RadioNZ National’s  chief reporter Jane Patterson who said the decision was prompted by Bradford’s loss of the contest for co-leadership to Metiria Turei. The interview will be online here soon  is now online here.

Ryan’s interview with Bradford will be online at the link above soon.

3 Responses to Sue Bradford resigning

  1. zentiger62 says:

    If that is the case, it appears that Sue was not content to play a major role in the Green Party, but wanted even greater power.

    Her leaving could be a real win for the Green Party.


  2. murrayg1 says:

    Simply a case of a fish out of water. She was a John A Lee type socialist – wanting a re-distribution of the cake.
    Green philosophy is retention of the cake.
    The two were long-term incompatible.
    It’s not rocket science…


  3. homepaddock says:

    Zen – you’re right. The loss of the co-leadership hit her hard.

    Murray – I agree with you too. The radical social and economic agenda which Sue and some other Greens espoused got in the way of any environmental progress they might have been able to make and kept the party isolated on the far left where they had little power.


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