Brrrr # 3

We spent yesterday in Omarama where it was freezing all day & we’ve woken to fresh snow on the surrounding hills.

PM of NZ is also feeling cold.

Snow closed the Rimutaka road.

The weather forecast is gloomy.

And the clocks go forward an hour on Sunday.


Anyone want to join my campaign to delay the start of daylight saving by three or four weeks?

7 Responses to Brrrr # 3

  1. pmofnz says:


    Looks like that low is going to cross right over your area. Up here at 40S, the temperature has risen to 7C this morning, all the white is fast retreating to 500-600m. Top of Ruahines still clagged in, but should be good pix when it clears.

    Sheep shagger next door was picking up dead lambs late yesterday as the 75mm of heavy slush settled. Has damaged numerous small shrubs in garden with its weight.

    Hang on tight, looks as if you guys are in for a rough ride over the next few days.


  2. Dutchie Down South says:

    Blastering easterly here, been out tiptoeing through the tulips all day yeaterday and all our staff and me were frozen to the bone..not a windstopper which could avoid that..and it seems (looking from behind the glass in a warm office) that we are in for an other cold day but what we realy want is rain and lots of it…!!


  3. I am happy to join your campaign! I was just about to start a spluttering blog about how ridiculous is moving the clocks forward at this time of the year. I’ve given up trying to explain the situation to the animals. Where do I sign?!?!?!?


  4. gravedodger says:

    Made an intensely personal protest when D S was reintroduced in the 70’s while farming in Nth Canty but the thing that made it impossible was the bloody schoolbus. As I have a strong belief in the value of education I could not deny that to my beautiful girls, so the protest lasted about a week. Mrs GD’s grudging acceptance of being manipulated by central Govt may also have contributed.
    In my mellowing later years I accept some small support for the idea of bringing the start of the working day forward an hour to make an hour of the evening available for those who can not or will not start their day an hour earlier but please wait until November at least, So where is the petition.
    One of the great memories of my childhood and youth was the beauty of the late spring and summer mornings at 0400 hrs, when I assumed no one else was up, to be on the tops at sunrise for a muster. Cool, clear, quiet and peaceful with awesome views and it was my world with the clip clop of hooves and the muffled pad of the dogs, alone with the special beauty of that time of day.


  5. Tired Farmer says:

    Keen to support you on this one.


  6. scrubone says:

    It was a silly move – as I’ve said before, heating the house on a cold morning costs a lot more than lighting the house at the end of the day.


  7. Cuckoo says:

    You’ve got our support – and we live in the north and have no animals. Still think it’s a crazy scheme.


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