Tuesday’s Answers – corrected

Monday’s questions were:

1. What were the surnames of Peter, Paul and Mary?

2. Who wrote Bums On Seats?

3. Who said: We are human beings as well as women, and our humanity must take precedence of our womanhood . . . We are New Zealanders, and therefore citizens, and whatever affects the well-being of the Commonwealth is our immediate concern.?

4. The Hakataramea is a tributary of which river?

5. Name the vice chancellors of three of New Zealand’s eight universities (the debate on whether that’s too many universities can wait for another time).

Gravedodger got two right and I’ll give him 3 for the last question because it was his answer which made me realise I had to clarify the question. He gets a bonus for extra info on question one as well.

Paul Tremewan got two right, a bonus for imagination (who’s Michael Snelgrove?) and none for the last but I’ll accept that maybe my clarification muddied the waters).

Paul M gest one and a bonus because he was the only one who got Roger Hall.

No-one got Kate Sheppherd – even though Saturday was the anniversary of women’s suffrage in NZ.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break.


Cctrfred has corrected me – The Chancellor at the University of Canterbury chairs the Council and it is Rex Williams. Rodd Carr is Vice-Chancellor and appears to be CEO. I’ve done a quick check and think the others are correct, but feel free to put me right if I’m wrong.

If anyone can explain why some universities appear to call the council chair Chancellor and othes call him (their are no hers at the moment) Vice Chancellor, please do.

While I’m correcting myself, Paul Tremewan gets another point. Michael Snelgrove didn’t write Roger Hall’s autobiography (had he done so of course it wouldn’t be an autobiography) to which I was referring, but  he did write a play by the same name.

1. Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey and Mary Travers.

2. Roger Hall.

3. Kate Sheppard.

4. The Waitaki River.

5. It wasn’t easy to find these so I’m open to correction if any have retired:  Professor David Skegg Otago; Dr Rod Carr Rex Williams, Canterbury; Tom Lambie, Lincoln; Emeritus Professor Tim Beaglehole, Victoria; Dr Russell Ballard, Massey; Jim Bolger, Waikato; Roger France, Auckland; Sir Paul Reeves, AUT.

4 Responses to Tuesday’s Answers – corrected

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    Kate Sheppard! Buggar! That was my first choice then I deferred to Coombs. Bums on Seats is a play written in 1997 by Michael Snelgrove And you are right, I did not get what the last question sought!
    All good fun. I’ll just have to be happy with my last bunch of electric flowers… they don’t ever need watering y’know!


  2. cctrfred says:

    The Chancellor at the University of Canterbury chairs the Council. Currently this is Rex Williams. info at
    Rod Carr is indeed the Vice-Chancellor and sole employee of the Council, if I understand it correctly.


  3. Paul Corrigan says:

    it seems that chancellors of universities are ceremonial positions.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Paul – you’re right. I got the question wrong, it was the chancellors I was seeking, not vice-chancellors.


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