A Five Day Cow

This was sent to my farmer with no indication of who wrote it so I can’t give any credit to its creator.

A Five Day Cow

I long for a cow of modern make

That milks five days for leisure’s sake;

That sleeps on Saturday and rests on Sunday,

To start again afresh on Monday.


Oh! For a herd beyond suggestion

Of staggers, bloat or indigestion;

That never bothers to excite us

With chills or fever or mastitis.


I sigh for a new and better breed

That takes less grooming and less feed;

That has the reason, will and wisdom

To use a seat and flushing system.


I pray each weekend long and clear,

Less work to do from year to year;

And cows that reach production peak

All in a five-day working week.


Oh why don’t the scientific bods,

Firmly entrenched in their cushy jobs,

Show these ignorant breeders how

To propagate a five-day cow?

One Response to A Five Day Cow

  1. I found a clipping my grandmother made from the Enumclaw (WA) paper with this poem. I started googling to try to find the credit and year when this was originally created and by whom. Your blog is what I’ve found so far.

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