From state house to own home

Housing Minister Phil Heatley says State House tenants now have the right to buy the house they live in should they wish to.

“This is a great opportunity for state house tenants who are in a position to consider home ownership.  While we don’t expect huge or rapid take up, it makes sense that those earning enough to pay market rents know they could buy the state house they’re living in,” Mr Heatley said. . .

“Tenants are under no obligation to buy, but I would urge those who can afford it to think seriously about it so they can own their own home and we can reinvest the proceeds into replacement houses,” Mr Heatley said.

When this policy was first announced there were howls of anguish about privatisation from people who want to keep others down. But the policy will provide an opportunity to get ahead and become independent for those able to take it up.

One Response to From state house to own home

  1. gravedodger says:

    Renters of state houses should know their place and that does not include aspiring to home ownership – not. Good on Mr Heatley, recycling the housing stock can only be beneficial to future renters and taxpayers. I know when our offspring joined the Property owning class we then knew they were saving for sure. Paying the mortgage is close to the top of most peoples priorities whereas the rent does not carry the same importance.

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