Do I want to be Linked In?

I’ve received a couple of invitations to Linked In?

Does anyone know anything about it?

Specifically is it worth yet another sign up and yet another password to remember?

Apropos of this, does anyone know anything about Loaded Web? It’s a geographically-based directory of blogs, businesses and twitters.

3 Responses to Do I want to be Linked In?

  1. Ken says:

    Loaded we is relatively new but building up it’s numbers.

    I have used it to find NZ based blogs.

    It’s probably worth registering there – another avenues for making your blog accessible.

    linked in is, I think, a sort of social network for professionals – ma place to put the CV.

    I haven’t registered on it – partly because I am retired – not looking for jobs. And I think there are networks with a more dedicated focus (eg. researchgate for scientists).

  2. dpf says:

    I would not go into Linkedin. I have been on it for many years and have never used it about from accepting all the requests to link.

  3. Bill Bennett says:

    Linkedin is worthwhile if you happen to work in an industry such as information technology and you need to keep a large address book constantly updated. I couldn’t function as a technology journalist without it.

    It’s possibly useful for Americans or Poms looking for jobs — but no good for that purpose in New Zealand.

    For most people it simply isn’t necessary.

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