Moving on to more of the same

Phil Goff has said sorry and Labour will be moving on to focus on what really matters.

He hasn’t however, accepted that some of the policies of which he is still proud are responsible, at least in part, for the problems New Zealand is facing. Nor has he learned there’s an urgent need for less government spending.

Bill English said in a media release (not yet on line): (now online)

Phil Goff tries to suggest he has made a break from the past and is listening to New Zealanders,” Mr English says.

 “But there is no evidence of fresh thinking in Labour’s reckless economic policies, which would send New Zealand billions of dollars deeper into debt, drive up interest rates and ultimately bankrupt the country. . .

“Under Labour’s flimsy plan, that would spiral by more than $6 billion to reach $18 billion by 2011/12.

While Goff hasn’t learned from the economic mistakes his government made, at least two of his colleagues haven’t got the message about the risk of being side tracked by side shows.

Ruth Dyson wants to give out free condoms, a policy which Kiwiblog has costed at $100 million a year. Macdoctor says Pharmac might be able to get a discount but whatever the cost, it would still be a waste of money.

Even worse, Lianne Dalziel is excited about a Commission for Social Inclusion about which Dim Post says:

Finally! Joined up effective solutions to – I’m sorry, what was the problem? I think it was Ramsey McDonald who said he became a democratic socialist after he realised that the workers didn’t want a revolution, they just wanted a decent salary and a good life for their kids. You know what would be truly revolutionary? If Labour MPs realised that workers want hundreds of pointless taxpayer funded commissions even less than they want a permanent revolution.


Phil Goff wants to move on but it’s no use moving on to more of the same. Economic mismanagement and social engineering were  a large part of  why voters threw Labour out of government so they’re not going to help them get back in.

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