Did you see the one about . . .

The 12 Wierdest Hotel Rooms  at Motella – which includes another reason to not like Barbie.

In defence of Donald Rumsfeld at Quote Unquote – the known knowns, the known unknown and the unknown unknowns.

Labour’s 16th apology at goNZo Freakpower – I agree with all but # 14.

A case for a Commission for Social Exclusion  at Opinionated Mummy.

4000 years  on at Opposable Thumb where a future archeaological dig discovers signs of a primative culture in the south.

3 Responses to Did you see the one about . . .

  1. Closer to home I was ticked to see country and western saloon bar doors leading you into your bathroom at the Arano Motor Lodge in Kaitaia.
    Well, what do you expect for $69 a night!


  2. As for #14 HP, I agreed with the Dunne solution. Have smoking and non-smoking sections separated by doors. As it is, you have the strange situation where you can go to the toilet indoors, but one can’t enjoy a smoke in peace indoors. Last time I checked, cholera was more lethal than passive smoking among consenting adults.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Will – whether or not it’s a health hazard, I don’t want to breathe other people’s smoke and have my skin, hair and clothes stinking of it after a night out.

    If we have to protect our workers from chemicals on the farm (and I think that we should), bar staff should have protection from smoke.

    I place someone’s right to fresh, clean air above someone else’s right to smoke. But if a bar has a separate room or an enclosed area where smokers can go without inflicting smoke on the rest of us, then I accept not letting them use it is a step further than safe guarding the rights of non-smokers.


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