Sabotage or stupidity?

Memo to Andrew Little:

When you’re the president of a party which is trying to drag itself out of the poll doldrums it’s not a good idea to attack the media.

He criticised the country’s three main daily papers for editorials supporting the Social Development Minister, Paula Bennett, after she revealed the details of two beneficiaries’ incomes. The women had made headlines for criticising government policy.

Mr Little called the editors who published the pieces “a disgrace” and said they had no place in an organisation such as the Commonwealth Press Union. He says the affair demonstrated how fragile freedom of speech is and what Labour is up against in trying to get balanced media commentary.

Telling only the part of the story which supports your point (forgetting, or ignoring that these beneficiaries went to the media first) reminds us of recent instances when your leader has fed only part of the story which supported his point and looked silly when the full facts came out.

Pointing out the fragility of freedom of speech reminds us yours was the party which passed the Electoral Finance Act.

That’s either an act of sabotage or it’s stupid. Neither of those is a good look for a party president.

2 Responses to Sabotage or stupidity?

  1. pdm says:

    I see in the Herald on Sunday the next Labour project is free condoms in Supermarkets.

    Will they never learn?

  2. Stuart says:

    Is Andrew Little boss of the Journalist Union, and maybe the leader writers are all good card carrying union members how do you think they would feel.
    Of course their nasty right wing National loving Editors made them write those Editorials yea right.

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