It’s all about trust

She listed a CD for sale on TradeMe.

He bought it, transferred the money to her bank account and she posted the CD to him.

It didn’t arrive.

He emailed her.

She transferred the money back.

Can she be sure he didn’t get it?

Not absolutely, but TradeMe has a rating system and he had several positive and no negative comments.

Besides it’s the third time in the last three years a small package she’s posted hasn’t arrived, even though she had her return address on them. If she’d inadvertently got something wrong in the recipient’s address she wouldn’t have made any mistakes with her own.

After the second package didn’t get where it was sent she called NZ Post and was told that getting something back if it hadn’t been delivered wasn’t guaranteed even if she had a return address on it.

The postal system handles a huge volume of mail each day and almost all of it gets where it’s meant to. But three packages which haven’t has left her wondering and when it comes to trust she has more in TradeMe than NZ Post.

One Response to It’s all about trust

  1. Pique Oil says:

    A firm we deal with often closed its P O Box and transferred mail to its head office. Being away from the office I didn’t have the new box number so I mailed a package to the street address. Six weeks later it was returned address unknown complete with a date stamp showing that it had sat in the Levin PO for five weeks.
    They do not deliver to Cambridge St Sth, apparently never have, but I could have walked to Levin and back many times and hand delivered the bloody thing in that time.
    Similar happens elsewhere and now with petty morons insisting on Post codes it will get worse.

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