Cheese Boats

School lunches in the late 60s and early 70s weren’t very exciting – sandwiches made from white bread which was delivered twice a week and got stale pretty quickly.

Then Mum discovered cheese boats which are mini quiches in bread cases:

Two loaves of thin sliced bread (I prefer wholemeal).

Bacon,    1 or 2 onions,  10 – 12 eggs,  

corn, grated cheese,  mixed herbs. 

Any other vegetables eg tomato, red pepper, asparagus . . .

Put bacon and roughly chopped onion into kitchen whizz  & process briefly until chopped but not pureed.

Put into a bowl.

Process eggs and add to the bacon & onions.

Cut off the crusts, butter each slice and place butter side down in muffin pans (or if you’re going for a less-saturated fat option, don’t butter the bread and grease the muffin pans with olive oil).

Sprinkle mixed herbs in the bottom of each bread case.

Add chopped pepper, corn, tomato & grated cheese.

Pour or spoon in egg mixutre.

Cook 180 degress for 10-15 minutes, until bread is toasted and egg mixture is solid.

Serve hot or cold.

If you’re not eating them in the next 24 hours, they can be free-flow frozen.

gym 004

One Response to Cheese Boats

  1. kismet says:

    Yumm, and nice timely recipe – was just wondering what to do with the extra two dozen eggs the girls have produced this week. Problem solved 🙂

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