This is how to say sorry


The Bomber who had been hired by a PR company to film people unhappy with Labtests was the same Bomber who subsequently blogged on the issue without declaring an interest.

Cactus Kate  and Whaleoil called him out.

He reacted with anger, writing that because he’d blogged against Labtests previously it was okay to continue doing so after doing the PR work without declaring that. However, he has now seen the light. He’s accepted what he did was wrong and has not only apologised he’s done it properly.

This needn’t be the end of his PR career – there’s a few MPs who could do with some lessons in saying sorry honestly and fulsomely.

Waterhouse witticisms


An email from a reader alerted me to the death last week  of British journalist and writer  Keith Waterhouse.

His final column for the Daily Mail, published four months ago, was It’s English as she is spoke innit?

If these two quotes, attributed to Waterhouse, were applied to New Zealand at whom and which city would they be directed?

(Of Margaret Thatcher) “She addresses people as though they had lost their dog.”

“Brighton is a town that always looks as if it is helping police with their inquiries.”

Cheese Boats


School lunches in the late 60s and early 70s weren’t very exciting – sandwiches made from white bread which was delivered twice a week and got stale pretty quickly.

Then Mum discovered cheese boats which are mini quiches in bread cases:

Two loaves of thin sliced bread (I prefer wholemeal).

Bacon,    1 or 2 onions,  10 – 12 eggs,  

corn, grated cheese,  mixed herbs. 

Any other vegetables eg tomato, red pepper, asparagus . . .

Put bacon and roughly chopped onion into kitchen whizz  & process briefly until chopped but not pureed.

Put into a bowl.

Process eggs and add to the bacon & onions.

Cut off the crusts, butter each slice and place butter side down in muffin pans (or if you’re going for a less-saturated fat option, don’t butter the bread and grease the muffin pans with olive oil).

Sprinkle mixed herbs in the bottom of each bread case.

Add chopped pepper, corn, tomato & grated cheese.

Pour or spoon in egg mixutre.

Cook 180 degress for 10-15 minutes, until bread is toasted and egg mixture is solid.

Serve hot or cold.

If you’re not eating them in the next 24 hours, they can be free-flow frozen.

gym 004

Another day another gym


The view from this gym might not be quite as spectacular as the one from last Saturday’s, but it’s still pretty good:

hp gym 1

ODT confirmed as class act


The Otago Daily Times’ Class Act/Extra! won first prize in the young readers section of the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association’s Newspaper of the Year awards.

The ODT was also a finalist in the newspaper of the year and the innovation in pre-production processes or technology categories.

The awards attracted 369 entries from newspapers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The ODT was one of only two New Zealand metropolitan dailies named as a finalist – the other was Wellington’s Dominion Post.

The newspaper of the year winners were: The Sydney Morning Herald (90,000+ circulation); The Geelong Advertiser (25,001-90,000); The Daily Examiner (up to 25,000).

We subscribe to the ODT. It comes with the mail which arrives anytime from early to mid afternoon by which time we’ve caught up on news from it and other papers online and listened to bulletins on the radio. But the paper still provides enough we haven’t yet encountered to keep us paying up.

It’s all about trust


She listed a CD for sale on TradeMe.

He bought it, transferred the money to her bank account and she posted the CD to him.

It didn’t arrive.

He emailed her.

She transferred the money back.

Can she be sure he didn’t get it?

Not absolutely, but TradeMe has a rating system and he had several positive and no negative comments.

Besides it’s the third time in the last three years a small package she’s posted hasn’t arrived, even though she had her return address on them. If she’d inadvertently got something wrong in the recipient’s address she wouldn’t have made any mistakes with her own.

After the second package didn’t get where it was sent she called NZ Post and was told that getting something back if it hadn’t been delivered wasn’t guaranteed even if she had a return address on it.

The postal system handles a huge volume of mail each day and almost all of it gets where it’s meant to. But three packages which haven’t has left her wondering and when it comes to trust she has more in TradeMe than NZ Post.

That was quick


Less than 24 hours after a fire in John Key’s electorate office a man has been arrested and charged with arson.

That was very quick work by the police.

September 12 in history


On September 12:

1575 English explorer Henry Hudson was born.

1846 Elizabeth Barrett eloped with Robert Browning.


1848 Switzerland became a federal state.

1888 French entertainer Maurice Chevalier was born.

1913 USA athlete Jesse Owens was born.


1943 Sri Lankan-born Canadian author Michael Ondaatje was born.

1981 the All Blacks and Springboks played the third test at Eden park in spite of flour bombs which were dropped from the air.

Sourced from NZ History Online and Wikipedia.

Not numbers but people


When a large number of people die at one time, it is easy to concentrate on the total and lose sight of the individuals.

This list of the names of the people who died on September 11 illustrates the tragedy. These weren’t just a large number, they were real people with family and friends; people with lives cut short by terrorism.

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