There might be a good time . . .

. . . to remember you’ve forgotten to put the herbs in the cheese boats you’re cooking.

But it’s not as you’re pulling from the oven the final dozen of the 60 you’ve spent the last couple of hours making.

2 Responses to There might be a good time . . .

  1. Medusa says:

    Reminds me of the time I was making Haggis, I had gone to so much trouble to get all the real ingredients for my scottish supplied recipe. I had chopped and diced and all the rest and finally stuffed everything in the sheeps stomach, an hour into the cooking I noticed a teatowel covered lump to one side, it was the ONIONS aaaaarrrrrghhhh!! essential ingredient and I could do a damn thing about it. I avoided the good butcher who had sourced all my ingredients for 6 months but the day came when he caught me, I still cringe with shame because I lied when he asked me “how was the Haggis?” “Fantastic” I said…….(well I suppose it was for the neighbours dog I fed it to)

  2. Medusa says:

    oops..that should read ‘I couldn’t do a damn thing’

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