Schools can’t do it by themselves

The allure of after ball parties escapes me.

It seems so silly to spend so much on looking gorgeous only to turn into pumpkins after the last dance and go on to something else.

The after ball party turns the ball into the curtain raiser rather than the main event.

I understand why schools wash their hands of them. I also  understand why parents believe since a party is inevitable, one at a set and well supervised venue is preferable to a whole lot of free for alls.

However, if the school says there is to be no after ball party, that ought to be that.

But it wasn’t after the Rangitoto College ball when the party was held, in spite of parents and pupils assuring the school it wouldn’t be.

I’m not surprised that kids said one thing to the school and did another, kids have been lying to parents and teachers for generations. But parents lying to teachers is a more recent phenomenon and I’m shocked that parents also deceived the school and connived in breaking the rules.

Schools are expected to not only educate children, but to turn them in to descent citizens, ready for further study, work and life.

They can’t do it by themselves. If parents are not prepared to back up the school and support its rulings they have only themselves to blame when their little darlings don’t learn that actions have consequences until they’re far more serious than no ball next year.

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