Monday’s quiz

1. Which countries formed the South East Asia Treaty Organisation?

 2. Who said I suffer fools gladly because I am one of them?

 3. Who wrote Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less?

4. What is borborygmi?

5. Which is Europe’s only Budhist replublic? (Honesty requires I give the credit for this to Andrei from NZ Conservative who left this question for me. I had to look up the answer).

6 Responses to Monday’s quiz

  1. rayinnz says:

    Only know one for sure
    1 NZ Aus UK USA France Thailand, Philippine and maybe the sub continent
    2 One of the “Goons”. Harry Secombe or maybe Prince Charles pretending to be a goon
    3 J Archer


  2. gravedodger says:

    1US, UK, Australia, NZ,France (I Think),Phillipines,and Malaya
    2 pass
    3 Archer
    4 the curse of the more mature particularly if they follow a high fibre diet- flatulence (a St Johns tutor with too much knowledge told me that)
    5 I am unaware that there is one but in light of your admission I will accept there is one and await the revelation

    ps this quiz has a high degree of difficulty here.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Gravedodger – I didn’t know there was one either until Andrei left a question about it in a previous quiz.

    The degree of difficulty of general knowledge quizes is subjective and inversely proportional to the number of answers you know:)


  4. lilacsigil says:

    4. It’s your stomach rumbling!
    5. I know it’s a Russian republic in south-western Russia, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name.


  5. Samo says:


    Harry Secome

    Jeffrey Archer

    Stomach noise or rumbling

    Kaikym (sp) SW Russia


  6. Paul Tremewan says:

    Oz, NZ, UK, USA, France, Philipines, Bangladesh and Indonesia;Tim Shadbolt; that crook jeffery Archer, is that my tummy rumbling? and Kyalami or something similar in ex Russia? (Just a guess???)


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