Potential for savings confirmed

Paul Holmes interviewed someone on Q&A this morning.

I didn’t catch her name, I’m not sure of her title and the interview isn’t online yet. But she was from the Families Commission.

The interview confirmed my contention that the multi-million dollar budget allocated to would be better spent on other initiatives which make a positive difference to families.

And that was before Paul asked her why the Commission made a submission calling for Maori seats on the new Auckland council.

The interview will be online here soon.

UPDATE: The interviewee was Dr Jan Pryor, the Families Commission’s chief commissioner.

One Response to Potential for savings confirmed

  1. rocky says:

    I agree with you. The news that there were six commissioners spending $8 million p.a. and the Annual Travel Bill was over $300,000 of which Dr Pryor only spent $2000 is scandalous, indeed their whole existence is scandalous.
    HOLMES statement when commenting on Wanganui that ‘there was only one mongrel left in Wanganui'(referring to LAWS) also reached a new low and established the rich runt as an even bigger mongrel.


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