Let’s have more outsiders

John Allen was described as an outsider on Q&A this morning, the first non-diplomat to serves as secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

If he’s only half as impressive as he sounds, he’s a very good advertisement for recruiting more outsiders.

You can read a transcript on the interview by Guyon Espiner here or watch the interview here.

3 Responses to Let’s have more outsiders

  1. Blue Coast says:

    I have heard hundreds of public speakers over the years and this fellow beats all. No questions. He wins hands down.

    He will upset heaps as his focus is results and being accountable.

    May I suggest this is missing from a lot of Govt Depts.

  2. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    What an appalling interviewer. “Sending SAS troops there to kill people.” Does he think they are trained to distribute chocolate fish?

  3. gravedodger says:

    Hear, hear. Outside views are always going to be an advantage to all but the most simple organisations. It is surprising how many people fail to differentiate between inbreeding where poor traits and good traits are concentrated with the poor traits eventually overwhelming the good, and line breeding using rigorous selection and culling to gain advantage from concentrating good traits often with the addition of additional genes for hybrid vigor. That is why the historical opposition to incestuous relationships was enforced.
    It is the same in business and bureaucracy. Failing to reinvigorate by bringing in fresh blood to question the why, when and how, leads to stagnation and or lowered performance. I accept there are some special concepts in foriegn affairs to be considered but when the disasters that they sometime turn out are considered that could be a very good thing there and across the entire public service.
    I am confident that someone with John Allen’ talents will be a very positive move in this department.For example consider what current actions are delivering for Fiji to date, there must be better options than what the best efforts of MFAT have delivered so far.

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