Let’s have a referendum on . . .

. . . whether we should have a referendum on whether we should waste money having a referendum on whether or not referenda should be binding.

Or how about a referendum asking: is a man who wants a referendum on whether referenda should be binding more interested in furthering his own political career than in the outcome?

Larry Baldock doesn’t like the government’s response to the child discipline referendum. But if he wants to change the law he’d be far better gathering evidence on how it’s not working which might lead to a change, than grandstanding which won’t.

Oh and that’s real evidence of real problems with the law, not acting as cheerleader for a parent who administers anything more than a smack which is transitory and trifling.

2 Responses to Let’s have a referendum on . . .

  1. pdm says:

    I am sceptical about outright binding referenda as this would seem an invitation for every looney to have a crack.

    Maybe there is a criteria which could be put in place based around the number of eligible votes – say 70% of those eligible actually voteing with say 80% plus needing to vote in favour to make the referendum binding.

    Such referenda could only be held on election day with vote counting taking place from the Mondau after election day to avoid delaying provisional election results.

    Just a thought which others may care to develop and improve upon.


  2. Mark says:

    We’ve just had a National led government, show that they have contempt for the democratic process and the opinions of the voters they are supposed to represent. I’d ask what else voters are supposed to do? They need to keep yelling, louder and louder using any and every opportunity to embarrass the government.
    Both major parties have shown repeatedly they do not represent the New Zealand public or even those that voted for them. They have chosen to ignore the fact they are a house of representatives, and instead to appoint themselves our masters. While I had long resigned myself to expect this from Labour, I am appalled to see National is the same.
    From my perspective Larry is just speaking up for all of us who are absolutely furious at the contempt shown by this government. And it is clear that massive constituional reform to constrain the power of government is the only solution.


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