Class Act a classy act

The ODT’s criterion for its Class Act awards is simple: excellence.

Every year since 2000 the paper has asked Otago’s secondary schools to nominate two pupils each on the basis of what they’ve have achieved and their potential for success in the future.

Each year the paper arranges a ceremony where the Prime Minister presents the recipients with their awards and the ODT shares their accomplishments with its readers.

Class Act unashamedly celebrates academic, sporting, social, artistic or cultural excellence and many of the recipients excel in more than one field.

It’s a classy act by the paper.

Today’s ODT looks at where the Class Act recipients of 2002 are now.

One Response to Class Act a classy act

  1. gravedodger says:

    It ‘is’ good to celebrate excellence and or success. However I wont waste time to see if this is picked up by the state owned tv or tv tiresome as they will be covering something much more important like a brawl at some school. It must have been a slow day (night) here as I did watch the Sainsbury item on Lynfield College and it was a ressuring sight to see the two head students discussing the incident, but so scary to see the apparent impotence of the poor teacher who obviously had no sanction or power to hand to deal with what appeared to be a very serious assault.
    I digress GOOD on the ODT and all who make the class act awards happen.


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