Beware the reach of the colour police

He’s moving a relocatable house onto a farm in Central Otago and called in to the District Council to discuss it yesterday.

The house is painted off-white.

That’s not in the council’s colour scheme. He was told he may have to repaint it even though it’s on a farm, set well back from a road and the road in question is an unsealed one which is probably used by fewer than a dozen vehicles a day.

He’s moving a corrugated iron shed from one part of a Central Otago farm to another.

He called in to discuss it with the District Council.

He was told he’d have to paint it.

He told them it was going beside a much bigger wool shed which was also made of corrugated iron and painting the wee shed would make it look strange beside the unpainted bigger one.

That doesn’t matter. The rules say existing buildings are okay but if one is moved it has to fit the council colour scheme even if it then looks out of place beside the one beside it.

Where will the reach of the colour police end?

How long before we have to hide freshly shorn sheep up a gully lest the bright white of the shorn fleeces upsets someone driving past at 100 kilometres an hour?

Will the next step be to tell us we’ll have to run Charolais because a red Hereford or black Angus doesn’t match the council’s colour scheme?

9 Responses to Beware the reach of the colour police

  1. gravedodger says:

    Nah charolais too white maybe murraygrey, blue shorthorn (not too much white) or perhaps a taranaki tiger. Will we ever get our country back from these self opinionated nazis who worship at the alter of socialist control dogma.
    We retired to this, our little bit of paradise accepting that its somewhat haphazard evolution which had come to pass with all sorts of people making what they considered to be a good idea at the time. Some worked and survived, some did not and have gone. A considerable number of our early buildings were constructed of sap or other cheap timber, the good stuff was sold to Christchurch at higher prices, as that was affordable and available whereas your beautiful Oamaru stone was often the best option in Nth Otago.
    Now the educated elite(term used advisedly) want these old wrecks saved but there is no funding and so they deteriorate further. I have a fairly accurate of how much the late John Fernyhough spent on the Sawmill cottage at Robinsons Bay and the result for the ground floor is commendable but alas the top floor does not match that standard. To satisfy the very laudable goal with regard to our district plan,cost is way beyond the means of nearly all even if we were of a mind to attempt it.
    Come the revolution I haf MY list aand ve vill deal to zem.


  2. Kismet says:

    We have a dun bull – would he fit the colour scheme?


  3. gravedodger says:

    If he is dun why keep him but we keep peter don’t we


  4. singularian says:

    Get him to ask them for 2 colors that are acceptable, in writing of course.

    Then paint the buildings in stripes of those two colors.


  5. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Paint the building in camouflage colours. That will confuse the approaching council inspectors who come to visit and will disguise the fifty calibre maqchine gun to be deployed as a greeting.


  6. John Edens says:


    There may be a story here. Can the original poster or the farmer involved please send me a telephone number?

    John Edens
    The Southland Times
    03 440 0098


  7. gravedodger says:

    Agreed Adolf but there are many more politically focused minions who survive by repeating the mantra “we know better than you, so we are right”. How do we get their leaders into our lines of fire. They know the system and how to advance their controls while those of us who have to suffer their smothering plans are to often to busy getting on with our lives and minding our own business. We do not see how we have any rights to tell our neighbor what to do with his castle or land unless it directly affects or threatens us. They on the other hand have their self imposed sacred duty to save us all and to hell with your rights.


  8. scrubone says:

    “even though it’s on a farm, set well back from a road and the road in question is an unsealed one which is probably used by fewer than a dozen vehicles a day.”

    Even if none of those things were true, would it matter? No.


  9. Justdoinit says:

    No, it matters NOT! agreed gravedodger we the public would never dream of telling our neighbor to fall in line with what WE THINK is best for everyone. Way back when common sense decision making was put in place the rate payers of this fine Country had a voice, why are we paying salaries to people who can not make a decision in relation to each individual circumstance? Surly people in these positions should be employed on the grounds that they have sound ADULT judgment in such matters!


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