Basil Brush

Comments yesterday from Gravedodger and Rob Hosking reminded me that Derek Fowlds was known as Mr Derek on Basil Brush before he was Bernard in No Minister.

I didn’t find a clip of him in that role, but I did find Basil Brush and Rolf Harris singing The Court of King Caractacus:

3 Responses to Basil Brush

  1. gravedodger says:

    Thanks for that, must get my IT man to get me up to speed with that tech knowledge


  2. Paul says:

    That was great. I have just watched that with my three children on my lap… all of us spellbound. then I had to explain who Basil Brush was. Mr 5 and Miss 4 loved him and Miss 18 months made no comment. Thanks for that from our whole family.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Happy to be of service.

    There are several more clips at:

    You might have to copy and paste the link – and it would pay to check them without the chidlren because not all the options are from the TV programme.


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