Happy birthday Derek

It’s Derek Fowlds’ birthday which is a good excuse to show this classic for Yes Minister where he plays Bernard Woolley:

3 Responses to Happy birthday Derek

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    Derek Fowlds….first came to attenion – well, mine anyway – as Mister Derek, on Basil Brush.

    Starting as straight man to a stuffed fox didn’t seem to hurt his career much. And he was very good, on Basil Brush.


  2. Dear Mr. Derek Fowlds!

    The Chelsea Blues orchestra and me wish You: Happy Birthday! Yours sincerely: Gabriel Balint conductor
    Info: Google and You Tube Contact: Melinda Sánta Manageress Tel: 00-20-214-8896


  3. Tel: 00-36-20-214-8896/correct/


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