Skin Tight

September 2, 2009

From the opening minutes when Tom and Elizabeth ran on to the stage and started fighting, to the final moment when they left, hand in hand, Skin Tight held me spellbound.

I laughed, I gasped, I sighed, I cried.

The play is set in rural South Canterbury. Tom and Elizabeth remember their childhoods, the war – he in Egypt, she left at home – his return, their move to the farm and their life there. The story was compelling, the characters real.

Sia Trokenheim and Matt Hudson held my attention for every second of the hour they were on stage. Jim Henderson’s appearance was brief but moving.

Gary Henderson’s play was inspired by Denis Glover’s poem The Magpies, It is funny and sad, entertaining and enthralling.

Skin Tight was directed by Jon Pheloung and performed in the Oamaru Opera House in association with the Court Theatre and Arts on Tour NZ.

If you have an opportunity to see it, grab it.

dairy 10009

Did you see the one about . . .

September 2, 2009

Governance not management  at Stephen Franks including the key compenents of a successful board.

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Raising good kids at Not PC – taking a positive approach to parenting.

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Mid week music

September 2, 2009

In honour of Johann Pachelbel’s birthday, yesterday, his Canon in D:

Question of the day

September 2, 2009

Why do gang members always walk as if they’ve wet they’re knickers?

A viewer asked in an email to Breakfast.

Happy birthday Derek

September 2, 2009

It’s Derek Fowlds’ birthday which is a good excuse to show this classic for Yes Minister where he plays Bernard Woolley:

Dairy auction price rise again

September 2, 2009

The whole milk price increased 24.2% to $US2,858 per tonne in last night’s globalDairy Trade auction.

That follows an increase of 25.8% last month.

Fonterra chairman Henry Van der Hayden said in an email to shareholders that this is a sign dairy prices are firming. Global supply is down and inventories are tight


dairy 10006


dairy 10008


UPDATE: notes the acution included 2000 tonnes of Australian whole milk powder.

Word of the day

September 2, 2009

Propagrandstanding – explained by Gooner at No Minister.

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