You’ve got the wrong vehicle, officer

He was driving along a straight stretch of road when a car shot past.

He turned into a side road and moments later saw flashing lights in his rear view mirror.

He stopped, wound down his window and waited for the police officer who told him to hand over his licence because he’d been clocked at 143 kilometres an hour which meant an instant loss of licence.

The driver said he hadn’t been going that fast.

The cop said he had.

The driver said, “A car shot past me just before I turned, you’ve got the wrong vehicle officer.”

“The cop said, “No I haven’t, it was you.”

The driver said it wasn’t him, the cop said it was.

The driver said, “Call your chief out from town. It wasn’t me, I’m not giving you my licence.”

The cop walked around the ute, checked the tyres, warrant of fitness, registration and road miles, returned to the window and asked for the licence again.

The driver said, “Look officer, you can see this is an old ute. It couldn’t go 143 kilometres an hour down hill with a tail wind. You’ve got the wrong vehicle.”

The cop looked at him, he looked back.

The cop blinked first and said, “You can go, but I know it was you.”

The driver in the ute drove off, the cop drove off and somewhere the driver of another car might still have been travelling at 143 kph.

2 Responses to You’ve got the wrong vehicle, officer

  1. pdm says:

    Was your farmer driving that ute HP?


  2. homepaddock says:

    PDM – No it wasn’t him.


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