Monday’s Quiz

1. Who wrote Among the Cinders?

2. Who said: We are biologically engineered to have the wonder filtered out of out lives, to learn to take astonishing things for granted, so that we don’t waste too much energy on being surpised but get on with the eating and mating, gardening, feeding cats, complaining about taxes or being pleased about economic recovery . . . “?

3. How many NZ Prime Ministers have died in office?

4. Where did the Great Fire of London start?

5. Who invented the cat flap?

4 Responses to Monday’s Quiz

  1. gravedodger says:

    2 pass
    3 I can name 5 Ballance Massey Seddon Savage and Kirk
    4 A kitchen near London Bridge
    5 Had to look it up quite a surprise how long it took to catch on


  2. rayinnz says:

    ! Shadbolt, not the mayor M
    2 Margaret Mahy
    3 5 Kirk Savage Ballance Ward Seddon
    5 A mad man, who needs to give cats freedom to come and go


  3. Paul Corrigan says:

    5). Our cat Jaeger, because he decided such things were beneath him to use. Unless it was at other people’s houses, though …


  4. Paul Tremewan says:

    Maurice Shadbolt, How about AK Grant? just Big Norm, a bakery in Pudding Lane, and the well known Feline-ius Monk …the original prototype was a kitten flappette then the whole thing then just grew ( at guess along with most of the other answers!)


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