Blog power or coincidence?

Kiwiblog posted on Nancy Wake’s birthday this morning and put the case for her to get a New Zealand honour.

This afternoon John Key was asked about that at his post-cabinet press conference (at about 16 minutes).

2 Responses to Blog power or coincidence?

  1. MacDoctor says:

    Blog power definitely. The media has shown absolutely no interest in Nancy Wake up until now.


  2. andrei says:

    I actually think that there is no compelling reason for New Zealand to single this woman out for a special honor.

    That does not mean I don’t honor what she did or think that she isn’t an heroic figure.

    But rationally she hasn’t lived here since she was two years old and her achievements were in a campaign that New Zealand had absolutely no involvement with.

    Lets not forget that there are many other New Zealanders who did things as dangerous or even more so as well as making huge sacrifices during that war who will never ever be recognized.


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