$20.82 for letter from council

Apropos the previous post: to illustrate the problems ratepayers have with Environment Canterbury.

A farmer sent the regional council a letter.

The reply came with an account for $20.82.

When she queried this she was told, that’s what ECan is now charging for letters it sends.

4 Responses to $20.82 for letter from council

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    Makes lawyers look good!


  2. Kismet says:

    that’s one way of stopping people demanding answers in writing!

    The Unitary TAs in the country seem quite happy with their lot….


  3. swinestein says:

    We had an odour complaint that the ORC investigated and found to be non-offensive but they still sent us a bill for $600.


  4. Ed Snack says:

    Send it back, with a cheque, and an invoice for $150 which is what YOU charge for answering stupid letters.


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