Will he ask the $158,000 question?

Paul Holmes will be interviewing Winston Peters on Q&A this Sunday.

The media release says the interview will be on Peters’ future and the party’s ambitions.

But will Holmes ask the only question that matters? The $158,000 one:

When will Peters pay back the $158,000 he owes the taxpayer from the misuse of parliamentary services funds before the 2005 election?

I use he advisedly because we all know that he is the party.

If Holmes wants a supplementary he could also ask where the $158,000 he supposedly paid to charities went.

One Response to Will he ask the $158,000 question?

  1. murrayg1 says:

    while we’re at it, maybe he could ask a certain person about a certain 1991 BNZ debt. Ian Wishart wrote quite a good book on the subject, I just loaned my copy to a New Zealand author doing some research….


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