Monday’s Quiz

1. Who adopted Anne Shirley?

2. Who said, “People who life in New Zealand by choice as distinct from an accident of birth, and who are committed to this land and its people and steeped in their knowledge of both, are no less ‘indigenous’ than Maori.”?

3. Where is Colonia del Sacramento, (if there’s more than one, I’m looking for the World Heritage site).

4. What is a haugh?

5. How many teeth does a hogget have?

5 Responses to Monday’s Quiz

  1. Kismet says:

    1 Rilla and Matthew(?) Gilbert
    2 3 4 Pass
    5 Two teeth.


  2. Paul Tremewan says:

    The Cuthberts, Micheal King’s famous non Maori comment, a field in a river valley, or Ken the Australian who played test cricket and soccer for New Zealand, is a hogget a ‘two-two’ because of the number of teeth? We city boys don’t know much about this except how tasty they are, and Uruguay


  3. rayinnz says:

    3 Uraguay
    4 My grandmother was a Haugh, which can raise a laugh in the right company just don’t try it in Southland or North Otago It is also a name for a valley floor
    5 Hoggets have a full mouth of teeth….milk teeth which they start replacing about now, ceasing to be able to be sold as “lambs” and becoming 2ths etc
    Do note that butchers and farmers have different words for the ages of sheep


  4. homepaddock says:

    Paul – here I was thinking, this week’s quiz was too difficult.

    BTW it’s two tooth, not two-two. I think that refers not to the total number of teeth they have but the number of incisors. To add to your accumulation of triva, sheep have teeth on their bottom jaw only and a hard dental pad on their upper jaw.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Ray – you must have commented while I was writing my answer to Paul. What you wrote backs up my thought that hoggets have more than two teeth – does the two refer to incisors?


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