Thirty years ago the Lower Waitaki plains were dry and barren. The stone-strewn paddock supported a few sheep and crops which only did as well as the weather let them.

Then came irrigation. In its wake new business opportunities followed, on and off farm. One of these is Riverstone gift shop:

choc 009

 It grew and then came Riverstone Kitchen which offers delicious food, efficient and friendly service in delightful surroundings.

We lunched there today. It hadn’t occurred to me to book, but I will next time because it is now so popular we were lucky to get the second last free table.

Misses nine and four were happy with the play area inside and the swings, chickens and peacocks outside while waiting for the food. The menu catered for them and the adults.

Chef Bevan Smith uses good quality, fresh ingredients. He grows what he can in the garden on-site and sources as much as possible of anything else he needs from local suppliers.

 Today I enjoyed the Italian Provincial Soup:

choc 003

Then my sister in law and I shared a chocolate sour cream cake with berry compote and vanilla bean ice cream:

choc 004

One Response to Riverstone

  1. Megan says:

    looks delicious!


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