Whitebait season beats bridge building

On the West Coast they know what really matters.

Taylors Contracting have to move a river twice during a major rebuilding of a road and rail bridge over the Arahura River, between Hokitika and Greymouth.

Their deadline for doing it is determined by the whitebait season.

2 Responses to Whitebait season beats bridge building

  1. rayinnz says:

    Good call by Taylors
    We get an earlier start this side of the hill, not that it did me any good on Thursday….got 15… whitebait in total
    Early days, got to be there to get them etc etc


  2. Blue Coast says:

    Dead right.

    As a mug who spends time on the bank with a net I expect contractors to know the “coast rules”

    Blue Coast


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