Monday’s quiz

1. Which are New Zealand’s second and third highest mountains?

2. Who wrote The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency?

3. Who said: Thinking Men Cannot Be Ruled”?

4. What is a grampus?

5. Since it’s International Languages Week:  which languages do the following greetings come from:

a) haai

b) bula vinaka

c) namaste

d) fakalofa

e) talofa

7 Responses to Monday’s quiz

  1. gravedodger says:

    To tough this week HP, only know Q1 so will retire and go and research some more


  2. Paul Tremewan says:

    Mt Tasman, Mt Dampier; Alexander McCall Smith; Ayn Rand; orca; Afrikaans, Fijian, Sanskrit ( or Hindi], ? (Niuian?), Tongan, at a guess.
    Keep up the fine work!


  3. PaulL says:

    Gravedodger, I don’t think you can retire from being retired.


  4. gravedodger says:

    paulL when will you get your head around the fact that we old buggers never get a day off, every day we face another full day of retirement, no holidays, no days in lieu, no sick pay and no redundancy when it all goes pearshaped. Aaand pay rises for productivity well I ask you. Thinking seriously of admitting the alcoholism and see if between me and the doc we can get amongst the rorts.
    Apologies HP havnt gotten out much lately
    ps could have picked up another 1 & 2/5 by following my instincts but that might be hard to prove now.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Paul T – nearly but not quite; PaulL I think that’s an answer to another question; Gravedodger you get a point for honesty with your first answer, there’s no need to apologise and I’ll believe your instincts.


  6. Paul Corrigan says:

    I believe that the second-highest mountain in NZ, outside the Southern Alps, is Mt Tapue-o-Uenuku, that huge, brooding block of a giant that towers above the Awatere Valley, in Marlborough. When the ferries to Picton came out of the Wellington Heads and began their starboard turn, my mother would always look towards ‘Tappy’, and she was happy. It was like going home. As a young woman her family had had a sheep station that took in the mountain’s lower slopes.


  7. Euroasia says:

    In the spirit of International Languages Week use a different greeting each day (you can hear how it’s done on the ‘Greetings’ page of the ILW website:

    Monday 17 August – Ni hao!
    Tuesday 18 August – Bonjour!
    Wednesday 19 August – Guten Tag!
    Thursday 20 August – Konnichiwa!
    Friday 21 August – Buenos días!


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