Good Men is a good project – Updated

Several publishers thought a story about wizards wouldn’t sell. J.K. Rowling proved them wrong.

A couple of men in the USA are hoping to prove the publishers who didn’t like their idea of an anthology of stories by men on manhood they were wrong too.

Tom Matlack and his partner collected a wide range of men who were willing to write their stories then:

We hired the best agent in the business, wrote a detailed book proposal, and went shopping for a publisher. Fifty (that’s 5-0, including a who’s who list of the literary world) turned us down. They told us guys don’t read, would never read any kind of anthology, and most certainly wouldn’t read an anthology about men. Apparently we are all mindless fools.

In spite of the rejections they set up a website, The Good Man Project , and plan to launch a book and a film in November. 

I hope they succeed.

The men of my acquaintance do read and the women I know don’t confine their reading to books by and about women.

Besides, I admire people who aren’t put off by rejection and have the courage and drive to turn a good idea into a success.

If there’s an audience for wizards why not one for good men?

Hat Tip: Beatties Book Blog.

UPDATE: Apropos of books which were rejected, Oswald Bastable pointed me to a list of 30 famous authors whose works were rejected (repeatedly, and sometimes rudely) by publishers.

One Response to Good Men is a good project – Updated

  1. Library shelves are full of books that publishers sneered at!


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