Breathe through your nose – UPDATED

The advice to breathe through your nose given to new MPs should also be taken by former MPs.

Sir Douglas Graham lost a lot of the respect many had for him with his comments on former MPs’ travel perks.

Helen Clark isn’t doing herself or the party she used to lead any favours by trying to continue her influence. Last week’s Listener reports she’s still very free with advice to the labour caucus and today’s Herald reports she tried talk one of her former colleagues, Dame Margaret Shields, out of accepting the title.

If she’s not trying to sabotage her party and her successor she really should stick to her new job and leave her former colleagues to get on with theirs.

UPDATE: A comment by JC made me realise I’d given the wrong link to comments by Doug Graham. The one above is to a reasonable explanation with which I sympathise. It was you better keep paying your taxes which did the damage.

However, any MP knows that governments give and governments take away and what might have seemed reasoanble and affordable in one set of circumstances might not in another.

2 Responses to Breathe through your nose – UPDATED

  1. JC says:

    I thought Graham did it just right. He explained it was a right in lieu of salary and was unapologetic about it.

    Good show.


  2. homepaddock says:

    JC – You are right, I’d linked to the wrong comment. That was a reasonable explanation but “you better keep paying your taxes” was silly.

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