Circulation & Readership

The circulation for newspapers and magazines counts the numbers of copies sold.

What’s more important for advertisers is how many people read them.

For most publications, readership is higher than circulation.

Magazines are one of my vices and I subscribe to several. Once I’ve read them I pass them on to others and when they’ve done the rounds I pass them on to the local hospital.

However, not every magazine which comes in to the house gets well read, or even read at all.

 While doing some – obviously overdue – tidying I came across the April, May and June issues of Skywatch, the magazine which comes with the subscription to Sky TV. All three were still wrapped in plastic.

If this experience isn’t unusual the magazine’s circulation will be much greater than its readership.

4 Responses to Circulation & Readership

  1. Lou Taylor says:

    I have never read one but they make good firelighters. Maybe Sky could knock $5 a month off the fee and not send them.


  2. Medusa says:

    You can actually opt out of Skywatch, a lot of the time they have programming muck-ups in their scheduling which can be very frustrating when you sit down to watch something and it isn’t actually on!

    Lou Taylor, I believe its only worth $2.50

    As we cancelled our Chch Press subscription due to being sick of their publishing the likes of Minto and their famous resident muslim spokesperson Abdullah ‘DRURY’ amongst others, we suddenly found there was a flow down effect, no paper for lighting log burner. We saved $300+pa on dumping useless newspaper and then spent $3,000+ on a heatpump! We still reckon it was a good trade off. :o)


  3. uninvoked says:

    Well, it depends on the magazine. As soon as Horse Illustrated comes through the door I pounce on it and read every article (usually out of order.)

    Triple A’s magazine gets thrown in the trash without being looked at. The difference is whether I subscribe to it on purpose (I really want it) or if it has been thrust upon me. (You can have this along with what you really want.)


  4. uninvoked says:

    This has actually made me think past my first response, and I find that I have more to say. When I first responded I mentioned what I pay for vs. what I don’t. It makes me kind of wonder with my blog, would people still want to read Uninvoked if it cost money? Would anyone buy it at all?

    Probably not.

    I have the good fortune to have one of my chapters sponsored, and that sponsorship represents at least one person who thinks my blog is worthwhile, but what about everyone else?

    I average between 7 and 20 comments per chapter. Are all those people just being nice because I posted on their blog, or do they really care?

    Am I just kidding myself when I think I’m a decent writer?

    Now I wonder.


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