It would be doing Peck a disservice to call it a food store.

Better to quote Lonely Planet which calls it one of Europe’s most prestigious gourmet food outlets.

Nearly three weeks after we visited Milan’s gastronomic paradise my mouth still waters at the memory of the quantity and quality of produce on display.

We gazed in eye-widened wonder at the variety of cheese – they sell more than 3000 varieties of parmigiano reggiano; fruit from every corner of the world amongst which was New Zealand kiwifruit; pasta, fresh and dried, with an amazing array of sauces and seasonings to serve with it; fresh sea food and meat; a tea bar; ice cream and a wine cellar which boasted the best in the world, and that too included a few bottles from New Zealand. . .

We lunched in the cafe on the first floor – five star service, five star plus food at very reasonable prices.

I chose the ravioli for which Peck is justifiably renowned. It was stuffed with ricotta and spinach, cooked to perfection and tasted sensational.

Amazing as all that was, the display which stood out for us was the meat among which was a lamb rack selling for an eye-watering 85 euro a kilo.

The butcher told us it was French. Imagine what it would do for the economy if New Zealand lamb could attract that sort of premium.



One Response to Peck

  1. dimmocrazy says:

    What a marvelous post that. You hit the nail square on the head. And this does not only apply to lamb, but to just about everything we produce. We should get out of large volume commodities (milk powder / logs) and develop these niches much better. There’s plenty of examples out there already, but that’s where we should focus and teach those youngsters. Let them become cheese makers, furniture makers, wine growers, fruit processors, sea food specialists, whatever, to get added value and margin into these products, instead of shipping everything out by the boat-load to be processed elsewhere.

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