NZ emissions target 10 – 20% cut

New Zealand will be aiming for a 10 to 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

That will cost each of us $30 a week.

But what will the benefits be to us individually and as a nation and to the environment locally and globally?

5 Responses to NZ emissions target 10 – 20% cut

  1. pdm says:

    Cost $30 a week – benefits Nil.


  2. swinestein says:

    or 16% of my family income


  3. ZenTiger says:

    $30 each, $120 a week for my family, or about $200 a week before tax.

    The flow on effects of higher fuel will impact food, transport and the cost of maintaining the government limousine service. Expect taxes to go up for the middle class to help pay for this. As GDP declines, expect taxes to go up to ensure the government gets as much as it needs to pay for these massive transfer of middle class wealth schemes.

    Who gets the money exactly? Now we are actually funding a world government to create a new world order. This is ridiculous.

    The way National have dropped this on us is equally ridiculous. It’s almost as if they aren’t actually in control, and are mere mouthpieces broadcasting decisions made elsewhere.


  4. Sally says:

    Zen Tiger sums up the situation well. This is ridiculous!


  5. mr anon says:

    “cost”???!!! $30 a week !!?? I think you must be kidding. The “costs” will be more significant

    – a 20% cut over 10 years will result in a material contraction to the economy,
    – investment in “Green energy” still requires capital and it’s NPV negative when compared to the alternative options. Who would rationally make that investment (I guess it will be the tax payer is some guise or other – just love to see more of my tax dollars at work..
    – and think about the Opportunity Cost !

    – Yet more Govt controls and enforcement (read cost increases, and decreases freedom of choices – and you thought banning Oamaru stone was wacky – you aint seen nothin yet).

    All for us to buy some sort of bizzare Indulgence, based on science that is not settled. Follow the money trail – who is really benefiting from this – it will not be NZ Joe average.

    Maybe we could pay our Indulgences to the UN Development Programme………

    Lets hope our Government does its job, which is to put the citizens of the country first


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