Happy birthday John

Nearly two decades ago when our children were young, I made a simple request for my birthday: a family day.

It was yet another particularly demanding time for farming and my farmer was often away at stock sales. When he was home he was busy on the farm and most days the only time we spent as a family was the early evening when we had a short time together over dinner – providing the phone didn’t ring.

It took several months before we could schedule the family day. But we eventually managed to go to Moeraki for lunch at the Boulders cafe followed by a walk to see the seals near the lighthouse.

I was reminded of that because today is John Key’s birthday and if our life was busy and demanding with little time for family, that of most MPs is far more so, with the demands and constraints on the Prime Minister most taxing of all.

I have no idea how John’s celebrating his birthday, but I hope that he’s able to have a family day, if not today then sometime very soon.

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