Here’s a house . . .

. . . here’s a door, windows one, two, three, four . . .

As soon as I read this  story of the discovery of the Play School Clock  in the Invercargill library, that came back to me.

Ah yes, I just loved Play School – not so much as a part of an audience but because my daughter was a fan which allowed me half an hour in the afternoon when I could be almost certain I’d have no interruptions.

I was reminded what an important part Play School played in the childhoods of people who were pre-schoollers in the 1980s when I was out campaigning with Jacqui Dean just after she’d been selected as the National Party candidate for Otago in 2004.

We’d been introduced to some young people in a Queenstown pub and while Jacqui was chatting to a couple of them a third asked me what she’d done in the past.

I mentioned she’d been an actress and worked on Play School. He grinned, said, “Well that’s all she needs to get my vote,” and started reciting, “Here’s a house, here’s a door. . . “

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