Oamaru Stone “unsuitable” for Central Otago

The Central Otago District Council has deemed Oamaru Stone unsuitable for rural buildings under new planning rules.

Caution over bright colours unrelated to the natural environment I could understand, but Oamaru Stone?

It’s a popular cladding  for several reasons including its relatively modest price and the ease of working with it.

It may not occur naturally in Central the way it does over the hill in North Otago, but it has been used there for more than a century. Even if it hadn’t, people who consider these mellow tones offensive must have rocks for brains:


Parkside Quarry at Weston in North Otago is the sole supplier of limestone for building.

It is also one of the sponsors of the regular stone carving symposium which results in creations like this Rock Ness Monster:

stone 2

One Response to Oamaru Stone “unsuitable” for Central Otago

  1. gravedodger says:

    On the basis that this stupid planning ordinance could be extrapolated throughout NZ, the question must be asked where in gods name did the people involved ever get to a position to be able to impose such a ridiculous outcome. Such iconic stone as schist, halswell (no Longer available from that quarry but millions of tonnes still are available elsewhere and oamaru have left us a rich legacy of wonderful buildings throughout the south island and beyond. Next I suppose they will insist on only schist whether it is desired or not. Stupid, stupid, stupid


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