Getting young people working

There are always risks involved in taking on new employees and when times are tough employers may be even more reluctant to take on young people who have yet to develop work skills and maturity.

But it’s not good for the individuals or society to have young people leaving school and going straight on to benefits.

The youth opportunities package announced by John Key yesterday will help get more young people into jobs.

The main features of the package are:

* job placements for those with low-skills which includes a wage subsidy for employers.

* jobs in community programmes.

* jobs on cycleway projects.

* new industry-specific training opportunities.

* new training opportunities.

* new places for Limited Service Volunteers.

* funding boosts for polytechnics and technology institutes.

* summer research scholarships for university students.

This package shows the government sees youth employment as a priority as it should be, not just to mitigate the worst effects of the recession but to help with the recovery.

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