Two re-elected, three new directors


Alastair Bell, Kate Hazlett and Pat Seymour have been voted on to the National Party board and sitting members Scott Simpson and Grant McCallum were re-elected.

Eight people had been seeking one of the five vacancies.

Those elected today plus sitting directors Roger Bridge and Peter Goodfellow will elect a new President tomorrow morning.

Celebrating success, allowing choice


John Key has announced that 72 of the 85 people eligible to become knights or dames have accepted the invitation to take a title.

“This is a real celebration of success and I am very pleased that 87% of those eligible for a title thought so as well.

 “When I first decided to bring back titular honours I was confident that many people would embrace the opportunity, but even I am overwhelmed at the large numbers who chose to do so.

“I also respect those who chose not to change their status. This is about people exercising their choice”.

 Both celebrating success and allowing people to exercise their choice are to be commended.

The titles will be bestowed at a ceremony at Old St Pauls in Wellington on August 14.

If South Canterbury people are successful, there will be another new knight in the New Years honours.

Hundreds of people are supporting Timaru gynaecologist Albert Makary in his campaign to recognise Allan Hubbard’s years of community service with a knighthood.

He is a humble and generous man who has not just given money to worthy causes, he has also used his expertise and wealth to create businesses, promote economic development and has given many young farmers the chance to own their own land.

He spoke to a farming group I’m a member of this year and was both entertaining and inspiring.

August 1 in history


On August 1:

1291 the Swiss Confederation was formed.


1880 1800 the Act of Union was passed uniting the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland.

1987 Maori became an official language in New Zealand.

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