Amazing Grace


It’s English hymnist John Newton’s birthday which is a good excuse to feature his most famous hymn:



It is Robert Graves’ birthday which prompted the choice of 1915, for this Friday’s poem.


I’ve watched the Seasons passing slow, so slow,
In the fields between La Bassée and Bethune;
Primroses and the first warm day of Spring,
Red poppy floods of June,
August, and yellowing Autumn, so
To Winter nights knee-deep in mud or snow,
And you’ve been everything.

Dear, you’ve been everything that I most lack
In these soul-deadening trenches—pictures, books,
Music the quiet of an English wood,
Beautiful comrade-looks,
The narrow, bouldered mountain-track,
The broad, full-bosomed ocean, green and black,
And Peace, and all that’s good. 

    – Robert Graves –

Poetry day


It’s Montana poetry day.

What’s your favourite poem and why?

That question is too hard for me to answer – I have a long list of favourites starting with the one I learned at kindy:

Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick/ She called for the doctor to come quci/quick/ He picked up his bag and he picked up his hat/ and knocked on the door with a rat a tat a tat.

He looked at the dolly and he shook his head/ and said Miss Polly put her straight to bed/ I’ll write a prescription for a pill, pill, pill and be back in the mornign with my bill/ bill/ bill.

The list does develop from doggeral like this and show a little more maturity but picking a favourite from those favourites depends on lots of variables including  mood, occasion and purpose.

July 24 in history


On July 24:

1567 Mary Queen of Scots was deposed and repalced by her one-year old son, James VI.

1725 John Newton, English cleric and hymnist was born.


1895 Robert Graves, English poet and novelist, was born.

1924 The World Chess Federation was founded in Paris.

1982 Anna Paquin, Candian born New Zealand actress was born.

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