Hot Lemon Drink for colds


My mother’s recipe for hot lemon drink for treating colds and sore throats.

Wash lemons and slice with skin intact.

Put in pot and cover with water.

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Bring to boil, add honey to taste (depends on how sour lemons are and how sweet you like the drink).

Simmer a few minutes.

Remove from heat, strain and serve.

Evenif you’re not drinking it immediately it’s important to strain the drink. It goes bitter if the lemon is left in it when it cools.

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In spite of my tartan genes I haven’t acquired a taste for whisky but those who have recommend adding a wee dram.

Saturday’s smiles


A blonde police officer stopped a blonde driver and asked for her licence.

The driver searched through her handbag but couldn’t find it.

“What does it look like?” she asked.

“It’s rectangular and has your photo on it,” the cop replied.

The driver scrabbled through her handbag again, pulled out her mirror, peered into it, handed it to the cop saying, “Yes, that’s me, here it is.”

 The cop looked at it for a moment then said, “Oh sorry I didn’t realise you’re a police officer too.”

(Choice inspired by this at Smething Should Go Here).

July 18 in history


On July 18:

1848 English cricketer W.G. Grace was born.

W G Grace taking guard, 1883

1855 New Zealand’s first postage stamps went on sale.

1918 Nelson Mandela ws born.

1925 Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf.

1984 Beverly Lynn Burns became the first female to captain a Boeing 747.

Capt. Burns on flight deck of DC-10 c.1993

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